1. 05232013 - Rappler Internship Graduation

    All good things come to an end, so they say. My time at Rappler was one of the most exciting things that happened in my life so far and if given the chance, I’d relive every single moment. Hopefully, this ending will open to more opportunities in the future. 

    Definitely going to miss the view from the 25th floor. 

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  2. A drunk writer, Alice, a bride, and Wednesday Addams. 


  3. Bohol 2012 day 1!

    Our Bohol trip for our Environmental Reporting class before the semester ended was definitely a big breather from all the school-induced stress we were basically suffering from. It was timely because hell week was at its peak that time so we had to grab every chance of just enjoying a weekend far from Manila. 

    This is a very late post about the trip but whatevs! 

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  4. Sembreak: Tandang Sora

    Unlike most people I know, I started enjoying my semestral break late because of some requirements of subjects that needed to be taken care of until a certain date that was way past the go signal of the end of the semester. I missed out on a lot of opportunities to go out with friends before they all went back to their respective holes (read: provinces, hometowns) so I am just spending my break to the best of my ability, which is basically to spend most of the time sleeping because I bet you know so well how that concept is absent during the semester in UP.

    If for most of you, sembreak means the beach and all that jazz, to me it’s all about spending quality time in our house. With myself. For Pete’s sake, my siblings left me and went to our province! They didn’t let me join them because they claim that there’s still no internet there but they just Skyped with my parents a while ago! Sometimes I wonder why I’m so gullible.

    Anyway, here are some pictures that define my “vacation”:

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  5. I just wanna go to the beach.

  8. Her past life. 

  9. The ever-so-photogenic Madame Angel Britanico

  10. National Museum